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Tir na noir / Huldrelandet - LiveJournal på norsk — LiveJournal
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Tir na noir / Huldrelandet

I'm trying to read an analysis of the song Tir n'a Noir, which apparently is also the title of a poem by Kolbein Falkeid.
The analysis says Tir na noir is the old celtic name of "Huldrelandet", so I'm wondering what that is in English...
I understand that it's some sort of paradise / heaven / walhalla, where the good people go after they die, but what does "Huldre" mean exactly?

Tusen Takk!

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mummimamma From: mummimamma Date: August 26th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC) (Lenke)
Tir na noir is a sort of Irish Elysium. More commonly spelt Tir na nog.

Hulder is a supernatural being that doesn't quite have an English equivalent. I don't know why Tir na Nog is said to be "huldrelandet" because hulders don't live in their own land/dimension as fairies are supposed (and as it says in the poem the land is), but live in the mountains and woods of Norway.

I've always thought of the place where they go at the end of Lords of the Rings as a Tir na Nog-equivalent ("vest i havet").

Also, norskstudent is a better place to join if you wonder about Norwegian language (this comm is supposed to be the translate "LJ into Norwegian"-comm, but's been dead for years.)

(Sorry for snippyness, bedtime for old fools now.)
noodlefan From: noodlefan Date: August 27th, 2005 05:39 am (UTC) (Lenke)
Thanks for the info.

Sorry for posting in the wrong area. Was not aware of norskstudent, but joined it now.

BTW, I looked at your journal, and wow what an interesting bio you have! Doing so much with languages.

I took Latin & Greek in high school, and continued it as a hobby in a reading club, called The Obscuri,reading texts every week. See http://www.oli.tudelft.nl//obscuri
After people finishing studies and moved out of town,
the reading club disintegrated, although we still get together a few times a year to meet.

Anyway, I added you as a friend, also because your posts seem entertaining.
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