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oppføringer venner arkiv om oss Oversettelsessiden tidligere tidligere nyere nyere
LiveJournal på norsk
A community dedicated to the translation of LJ to norwegian
Hello there,

I don't actually speak Norwegian. I am working as an illustrator for a Norwegian publication and I plan to put some text in the next illustration, which needs to be in Norwegian, of course. I was going to ask my boss to check my translations are correct, but she seems to be offline, and the picture needs to be done tomorrow... So here I am. If this is not an appropriate topic for this community, please accept my apologies.


How would you write the word "love".. Is it "elsker"?
"so natural".. "sa naturlig"?
"click" (as in computer click).. "klikk"?
"90's music"?

Tusen Takk!!!
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